If you’re interested in the parallel universes, this movie is just for you.

2013 US-made movie Coherence comes up with a unique improvisation scenario with a purely parallel universe focus, having a budget of only $ 50,000.

The movie is about the story of extraordinary events that occured in a home, where a group of friends met for dinner during a tailed star’s passing through the world very long after years.

Reality, ideas, past experiences, perceptions, everything will be confusing from now on.

Although Coherence is not a challenging space movie, it is offering different perspectives.

The movie generally consists of basic dialogues with some scientific theories.

The movie shows that relationships are affected by the perceived dimension reality, that people cannot trust even their own in different dimensions in case of encountering themselves with a thought of applying violence to their other versions in the parallel dimensions.

The movie wasn’t bad, but it could have been nicer, you may feel that something was missing in the final, but it’s still worth watching.


Author: Spaceman

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